7+ Job Vacancies at Route Africa Network Ltd 2022

Route Africa Networks Limited (RAN), is the leading hosting and internet provider company in Tanzania which is located in Dodoma Tanzania.

Route Africa network is the Best web hosting company in Africa. The Route Africa Network Company is currently operating in Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi with its headquarters in Tanzania.

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Job Vacancies at Route Africa Network Ltd 2022

RAN is looking for qualified candidate in the following various categories.

1. Financial Controller Jobs(1)

Job Description

2.0 Duties and responsibilities:

v Overseeing all financial planning, policies, and analysis for financial growth.

v Preparing and analyzing budgets.

v Tracking, reporting, and analyzing budget variances and managing risks.

v Reviewing the company’s financial statements to ensure accuracy.

v Preparing and providing accurate monthly and annual financial reports to the management.

v Recommending changes in policies to improve the company’s financial performance.

v Manage all company’s accounting processes and financial transactions.

v Monitoring internal controls and coordinating audit processes.

v Ensuring compliance with government regulations. Eg. Financial reporting requirements.

3.0 Skills and qualifications

v Diploma, or Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or related fields.

v Have certification as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Chartered Accountant.

v Have excellent knowledge in financial management.

v Good communication, analytical and excellent interpersonal skills.

v Good knowledge of accounting fundamentals and Proficiency in accounting software. 

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2. Job Vacancies at Route Africa IT Support (4)

Job Description

2.0 Duties and responsibilities:

v Set up workstations with computer and other necessary devices like routers, printers, etc.

v Check computer hardware and repair or replace to ensure functionality.

7+ Job Vacancies at Route Africa Network Ltd 2022

v Install and configure appropriate software and hardware components to ensure usability.

v Install and update anti-virus software to ensure security at the user level.

v Ensure security and privacy of networks and computer systems.

v Provide orientation and guidance to users on how to operate new software and computer equipment.

v Perform troubleshooting to diagnose and resolve problems.

v Conducting backup operations and manage technical documentation.

v Identify computer or network equipment shortages and place orders.

3.0 Skills and Qualifications:

v Certificate, Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related fields.

v Excellent knowledge of internet security and data privacy principles.

v Proficient in database programming and software installation.

v In-depth understanding of diverse computer systems and networks.

v Excellent communication ability and problem solving skills.

v Good interpersonal skills. 

3. Customer Care Vacancies (2)

Job Description

2.0 Duties and Responsibilities:

v Answering incoming customers’ calls

v Actively listening to customers and identifying their interests

v Handling customers’ complaints and unpleasant customers in time 

v Maintaining customers’ satisfaction through providing product support

v Acquire and maintain knowledge of company’s full product line

v Keeping records of customers’ interactions, contacts and other information at large.

v Providing quality service and support to the customers

v Portraying good company’s image and build sustainable relationships and trust to customers

v Identifying opportunities for improvements that will positively impact customers’ experiences

v Processing customers’ requests or orders for services

v Providing feedback on the efficiency of services delivery

v Generating reports for sales and customer services delivery

3.0 Requirements

v Certificate, Diploma or Bachelor’s degree business administration, marketing or equivalent.

v Must be computer literate

v Have good analytical, problem-solving and interpersonal skills

v Have good communication skills and be able to communicate clearly both in verbally and writing.

v Have excellent presentation skills

v High sense of integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction

v High degree of patience while interacting with customers

v Flexible and able to work in multitask. 

nafasi za kazi route africa 2022

To apply for these post we advise you to tap a link that fit your career

#Job TypeApply link
1Financial Controller (1)https://joinus.co.tz/job-details/oxrsdNbxb70B
2IT Support (4)https://joinus.co.tz/job-details/eKI4iRZSpoi0
3Customer Care (2)https://joinus.co.tz/job-details/PiUdZYNJ8Q67
Apply for various jobs at Route Africa

Expiration date for all vacancies is 16th Jul, 2022

About Route Africa

ROUTE AFRICA was established in 2013 with one goal in mind: to provide easy-to-setup and affordable web hosting plans, supported by domain names, free web applications, custom hosting solutions, and web design services for your business.

How to Contact Route Africa?

Use the details below to reach out route africa

Call: 255 763191581

Location: Dodoma, Tanzania

Email: info@joinus.co.tz

7+ Job Vacancies at Route Africa Network Ltd 2022
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