Dar es Salaam City Council Vacancies, July 2023

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Dar es Salaam City Council is popularly known as the “HARBOUR (HAEVEN) of PEACE”, the name being originated from the Arabic word “Bandar-ul-Salaam” which means in Swahili “Bandari ya Salama”.

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Dar-es-Salaam was declared a Township in 1920 and in 1949 it was upgraded to a Municipality under the first appointed British Mayor Mr. Percy Everett.

When Tanganyika became independent in 1961, Dar-es-Salaam Municipality was elevated to a City status and continued to be the Headquarters of the then Independent Tanganyika and later the United Republic of Tanzania.

Dar-es Salaam remained a Capital City till 1970s when the Government announced the shift of Capital City to Dodoma and Dar-es-Salaam remaining a commercial City. The City governing body is the City Council, which comprises of 26 Councilors, with a representation of 4 Councilors from each Municipal Council.

The Dar es Salaam City has a total surface area of 1,393 square kilometers, which is about 0.15% of the entire Tanzania Mainland’s area. According to the 2012 population census, the City had a population of 4,364,541 of which 2,125,786 (48.7%) are males and 2,238,755 (51.3%) are females.

Dar es Salaam City Council Vacancies

The director of the city council is inviting applications from Tanzanians to fill new contract positions. READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT BELOW: