Gce a level results 2023 PDF Cameroon

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Gce a level results 2023 PDF Cameroon

The ministry of education (Minesec Cameroon ) will soon announce the Ordinary level results so read this article very careful so that you can get all the information your looking and also show you how to download the PDF file containing the results.

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gce a level results 2023

gce results day 2023 A level | Cameroon GCE Board latest news today

To check your GCE Ordinary level results 2023 follow the steps below to download PDF

  • visit the Results checker website www.camgceb.org
  • scroll down And check for 2023 results
  • choose your grade GCE Ordinary level (OL)
  • download PDF file check your name on the your registered center number

Candidates will be able to verify their results at the centres where they registered for the examination. In addition, the Results will be available on the GCE Board website for download. Candidates’  results slips are already available at their registration centres.

gce results 2023 a level | GCE Advanced level results 2023

The GCE 2023 timetable Is already out so that Cameroon students, can prepare for the June Examinations and ends in the month of July. follow the links below to download the PDF file and save it on your device for future references.

Cameroon GCE Board Timeline For The Year 2023/2024 Academic Year

Official timeline of events with regards to exams and other General Certificate of Education as shown below:

June 2023 GCE Practical Timetable

  • 0795 Computer Science: Thursday 10//06/2022. 
  • 0595 Computer Science: Tuesday 22/06/2022 to Thursday 24/06/2022.
  • 0780 Physics: Monday 14/06/2022 to Wednesday 16/06/2022.
  • 0546 SBE French: Tuesday 15/06/2022. 
  • 0755 Geology: Wednesday 16/06/2022. 
  • 0710 Biology: Monday 21/06/2022 to Thursday 24/06/2022. 
  • 0746 SBE French: Tuesday 07/06/2022. 
  • 0540 Food and Nutrition and 0715 Chemistry: Tuesday 08/06/2022 – Friday 11/06/2022. 
  • 0796 ICT: Thursday 17/06/2022 to Friday 18/06/2022. 
  • 0710 Biology: Monday 21/06/2022 to Thursday 24/06/2022. 
  • 0740 Food Science and Nutrition: Thursday 17/06/2022 – Monday 21/06/2022. 

About the GCE Board

After the Cameroonisation of the London GCE in 1977, things went on smoothly until 1984. From 1984 on wards, the GCE began experiencing irregularities as some London officials began withdrawing.

Beginning from 1990, when the University of London Examination and Assessment Council withdrew completely from the role it had played so far on the Cameroon GCE, the irregularities became even more alarming. Some of these irregularities included,

  1. The used of GCE questions reserved for future sessions for Entrance Examinations into ENS in 1990,
  2. Change of the format of the GCE question papers in 1991 without prior notice to candidates,
  3.  poor printing,
  4. Wrong pagination,
  5. Wrong spellings,
  6. Shortage of question papers and materials,
  7. Late arrival of question papers and the postponement of some papers,
  8. Wrong instructions on question papers and examination leakages.

In response to this popular demand, the Prime Minister of the Republic signed an order (Nº: 194/CAB/PM of 11th September, 1992) creating a Technical Committee to carry out studies and make recommendations on the organization and functioning of the GCE Examination Board.

when will the gce results 2023 be out ?

The Registrar of the GCE Board is pleased to inform the general public and especially candidates of the 2023 Examinations organized by the Board have today August 19 release the results. for more information about the GCE ordinary level results 2023 visit the official website camgceb.org