How to Apply for DUT Hostel | DUT Student Residence

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How to Apply for DUT Hostel | DUT Student Residence
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How to Apply for DUT Hostel | DUT Student Residence

The Durban University of Technology (DUT) Online Residence Applications form for the 2022/2023 academic session is now available.

How to Apply for DUT Hostel | DUT Student Residence
How to Apply for DUT Hostel | DUT Student Residence

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DUT Student Residence

Returning Students
All returning residence students and currently registered students are able to apply using the online system at the University’s computer labs for the following year. Students who are doing in service training or returning to the University should apply by either phoning the department or emailing details of your postal address to request an application form.

New applicants

First Time applicants should request an application form from the Student Housing Office by either phoning the department or emailing your postal address. The completed Application form is to be returned together with the application fee to the Student Housing department.

Residence Admissions : Dut residence fees 2024

The Institution recognises that it is important to provide residential accommodation for students, especially for new first-year students, to allow them to make the necessary adjustments to cope with the academic challenges that lie ahead and their journey into adulthood.

An undergraduate student shall therefore be admitted in the residences for a period of no longer than four continuous years.

The catering residence shall be allocated on a ration of seventy five percent (75%) new first year students and twenty five percent (25%) returning students.

This in line with philosophy of providing residential accommodation at higher education, that is, every assistance must be given to allow new first year students to make the necessary adjustment from the life of being at home with parental guidance, to a life of academic demands and independence.

The self-catering residences shall be primarily for senior students who, it is believed, have made the necessary adjustments, and thus have to become independent in terms of planning for their academic activities, viz-a-viz their social life.

New first-year or returning students will be eligible for admission or re-admission to all DUT residences, subject to the following conditions:

  • Full payment is made before registration or on production of DUT approved letter of authority, from a sponsor, a bank loan approval, Financial Aid recipients, or other arrangements made through the Office of Student Housing.
  • Satisfactory academic progress by achieving a fifty percent (50%) overall pass rate of the subject/courses/modules registered for in the previous year or semester.
  • Satisfactory conduct accepted personal behaviour and a good disciplinary record.
  • Accommodation shall be for the sole use of the allocated student in each semester.
  • Should a students academic registration lapse or be cancelled at any time during the semester, all rights to accommodation will be terminated immediately and the student will be liable for full residence fees for that period.
  • Any students whose guest are disruptive, break the residence rule, or cause damages, may result in exclusion of the student concerned.
  • First preference shall be given to applicant students out the Durban Metropolitan area and other applications will be considered on their merits.

How to Apply to DUT Student Residence

Apply to accommodation at DUT Via SMS or online system. New students will receive forms via the Admissions department which accompanies the offer or by requesting it from the Department.

The Durban University of Technology (DUT) Application forms for residences can be obtained at the admissions office or online by clicking on the following linked text below;

DUT Student Residence Application form and more