IT Teacher Job Opportunity at Silverleaf Academy 2022

In this post, you will get all information about IT Teacher Job Opportunity at Silverleaf Academy 2022, Nafasi za kazi Silverleaf Academy, Silverleaf Academy Jobs, Silverleaf Academy Job in Tanzania.

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Silverleaf Academy is revolutionizing education in Tanzania. We are positioning to become a leading education enterprise of pre-primary and primary schools in Tanzania, educating children aged 3-14. We aim to provide the highest quality of education at the most affordable price point, in pursuit of becoming the chosen education provider by most families in our target areas.


IT Teacher Job Opportunity at Silverleaf Academy 2022

Our unique pedagogy utilizes student-centered learning techniques that harness children’s innate creativity and curiosity, we deploy an inclusive tech-supported curriculum inside every classroom, and adopt an innovative team teaching and in-service training approach. We currently have two campuses in Usa River.

Summary of Position We are looking for an IT Teacher who will support Silverleaf in all marketing and communications related subjects, with the ultime mission of increasing student enrollment and brand awareness across Tanzania.

You will be entirely responsible for marketing, communications and sales, therefore, this role requires excellent creativity, customer relations, time management, organizational skills, technological prowess, personability, and adaptability. Perhaps most importantly, this role requires one to be a quick learner. It would be most beneficial for the applicant to have a passion for education and a strong sense of social mission, thrive in a fast-paced startup environment and excel at working autonomously.

Role Overview

  • Introducing the basic concepts of information technology
  • Imparting a strong foundation to children that will help them in future
  • Depending upon the level of students, providing information about technologies
  • Attending seminars and conferences regarding development in the field of information technology in order to upgrade knowledge
  • Interacting with students on a personal level and understanding their learning capabilities
  • Preparing teaching schedules, course work, projects, homework and following the schedule in class
  • Meeting parents and guardians and discussing the child’s progress
  • Make lessons interesting for children
  • Train teachers and other relevant staff on IT
  • Manage and coordinate all consultants and staff related to IT activities
  • Design of key documents and reports
  • IT Systems Management Training
  • Staff training on G Suite and other used softwares
  • Internal team tech support
  • Management and optimizing usage of school management system & platforms.

Qualifications/Experience: Job Opportunity at Silverleaf Academy 2022

  • Diploma/Bachelor’s degree in information technology along with a teacher training course are the prerequisites of the job.
  • Minimum 3 years work experience
  • Experience with communication tools, including digital (google analytics, google G suite, Photoshop and/or others)
  • Comfortable working in a fast-moving, start-up environment
  • Fluency in English
  • Fluency in Swahili would be highly preferred
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Positive attitude, self-starter, entrepreneurial spirit, sense of humor and willingness to learn new things Commitment to excellence, outstanding work ethic, and attention to detail
  • Resourcefulness and creative problem solving
  • Excellent communication, motivation and teaching skills
  • A thorough knowledge about concepts of information technology
  • Excellent analytical and observation skills
  • Ability to be friendly and compassionate with children
  • Excellent planning and organization skills.

To Apply: Nafasi za kazi Silverleaf Academy

  1. Sending CV, link to Linkedin profile and Cover Letter to with first and last name and position title in the email subject line. All application materials should be in English
  1. Application should also include a link to a video of maximum 2 minutes (120 seconds) with brief personal introduction and candidate explaining why they are interested in this role and joining the Silverleaf Academy team.
  2. Please share link or attachment to creative portfolio or previous design and communications work

*NB: Applications will only be considered if item 1 and 2 are submitted in full and in correct format, item 3 is optional if candidates possess such items.

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