Kikosi cha yanga leo dhidi ya Mtibwa sugar | Mtibwa sugar vs yanga leo

Kikosi cha yanga leo dhidi ya Mtibwa sugar | Mtibwa sugar vs yanga leo

The Yanga team is one of the biggest and best performing teams in Tanzania’s leading NBC Premier League . Young african sports Club (yanga) team is leading with 36 points while their rivals simba sc are second only to 31 points. Check also Matokeo ya Yanga leo 2022 Vs Biashara United | Yanga vs Biashara United leo live

The Tanzania Mainland Premier League is the highest competitive league in Tanzania, managed by the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF). See also Tanzania Premier League Fixture 2021/2022 | Ratiba Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara 2021/22

Founded in 1965, the period became known as the “National League”. The name was changed to “First Division League” and was renamed “Premier League” in 1997. 

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Yanga this 2021/22 season has not lost a single game, with their star Fiston Mayele scoring more goals and a threat for defenders.

About kikosi cha yanga leo 2021/2022 | yanga ft mtibwa sugar

Towards the sugar cane game, Yanga Club has reduced the cost of their jerseys to fans.

It should be noted that, Mtibwa Sugar will enter the match with a memory of losing the previous Mainland Premier League match against Namungo FC 3-1 as well as being relegated to the last 16 of the Tanzania Mainland Confederation Cup ‘ASFC’ against Coastal Union with a 2-0 win over Coastal Union in Tanga. Mtibwa Club has also been major league champions and champions in 1998/99 and 1999/2000

yanga vs mtibwa sugar 2022 Match will be played on 23 February 2022 whereas team will provide the squad (kikosi cha yanga leo dhidi ya mtibwa sugar) one hour before the match to start.

Young African “Yanga” vs Mtibwa sugar 2022: prediction LineUp

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  1. Mshery
  2. Kibwana
  3. Bryson
  4. Bacca
  5. Bakari Nondo Mwamyeto
  6. Feisal
  7. Ambundo
  8. Jesus
  9. Fiston MAYELE
  10. Farid
  11. Kaseke

This is predicted lineup, its not official. We will bring you the official lineup once announced by the coach most likely one hour before the game start. If you have any suggestion or addition on this line up don’t hesitate to contribute on the comment section.\

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