Kikosi cha Yanga Sc vs Coastal Union July 2,2022 ASFC FINAL

In this post we have updated the Kikosi cha Yanga Sc vs Coastal Union.

On the 2nd of July there will be a Azam Federation Cup final match between nbc Tanzania Premier League champion Yanga Vs Coastal Union.

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Kikosi cha Yanga Sc vs Coastal Union July 2,2022

All details about kikosi cha yanga vs Coastal Union leo will be updated timely during the match which is expected to start at 3:00pm.

The Yanga Vs Coastal Union match will be played at Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium at 3:00 PM. See also Tetesi za Usajili Tanzania 2021 na 2022

yanga vs coastal union leo live 2022

All details about yanga vs mbeya kwanza live score will be updated instantly in this area.

It should be noted that in the last major league game, Yanga Club won one (1) goal against Geita Gold, the only goal of the striking striker Fiston Mayele who leads the Premier League with 12 goals For NBC League in mainland Tanzania.

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bao la mayele

yanga vs coastal union leo live | Coastal Union vs yanga statistics

The image below has latest statistiscs for yanga na Coastal Union played with varous match recently. Use Coastal Union vs yanga statistics to predict the game.

The Yanga team is one of the biggest and best performing teams in Tanzania’s leading NBC Premier League .

Young african sports Club (yanga) team is leading with 60 points while their rivals simba sc are second only to 50 points. kikosi cha yanga 2022 Check also Matokeo (Magoli) ya yanga vs Kagera sugar leo 2022

The Tanzania Mainland Premier League is the highest competitive league in Tanzania, managed by the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF). See also Wafungaji Bora NBC Tanzania Premier League 2021/2022

Founded in 1965, the period became known as the “National League”. The name was changed to “First Division League” and was renamed “Premier League” in 1997. 

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Yanga this 2021/22 season has not lost a single game, with their star Fiston Mayele scoring more goals and a threat for defenders.

About Kikosi cha Yanga vs Coastal Union| kikosi cha coastal union 2022

Yanga vs mbeya kwanza

Towards the Coastal Union game, Yanga Club has Digital membership registration continues to flare up also officials, technical bench and players accompanied by Deputy Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Hon: Abdallah Ulega with GSM sponsorship They had the opportunity to visit Bugando hospital as is the custom of Young African.

Yanga vs Coastal Union Leo 2022 Official LineUp

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yanga vs mbeyaa kwanza Linup

Kikosi cha Yanga vs Coastal Union Leo Line up

  1. Diarra (Goal Keeper)
  2. Djuma Shabani
  3. Farid
  4. Mwamnyeto
  5. Job
  6. Bangala
  7. Khalid Aucho
  8. Sure Boy
  9. Mayele
  10. Feisal Salumu
  11. Ushindi

Matokeo Coastal Union Vs Yanga | Matokeo ya Yanga na Coastal Union 2022

All updates and match results will follow hereunder, Visit this page frequently to get all updates toward (Matokeo yanga Fc na Coastal Union leo)

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NBC Premier League Table 2021/22

Wafungaji bora azam federation cup 2022 | Fainali ya azam federation cup 2022

Wafungaji bora azam federation cup 2022 Is frequently updated in this page.

Tanzania NBC Premier League is a league comprising 16 clubs from various regions in Tanzania.

It is a league run by the Premier League Board in partnership with the Tanzania Football Federation.

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