kureba amanota 2023 rwanda nesa | uko wareba amanota

kureba amanota 2023 rwanda nesa | uko wareba amanota
nesa results

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kureba amanota 2023 rwanda nesa | uko wareba amanota

Jobwikis has prepared this article with answers to questions about, NESA Rwanda Exams Result 2023 P6 and S3, nesa results 2023 p6 rwanda.

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National Examination and School Inspection Authority (NESA) is a government institution established in 2020 by the presidential order No N° 123/01 of 15/10/2020 published in Official Gazette N° 32 bis of 19/10/2020.

uko wareba amanota | Nesa examination 2023 results

Nesa examination 2023 resultst: it was established under the Ministry of Education, to be at the center by monitoring the implementation of Norms and Standards through school inspections and also administrate the comprehensive assessments from level one (1) to level (5) in TVET and Basic Education in line with Competence Based Curriculum / Training.


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Through this article I have listed simple methods that you can use to check the results of NESA Rwanda. The methods themselves are as follows:-

  • Step 1: Open your Internet Browser (Like Google Chrome)
  • Step 2: Visit NESA Website through this link www.mineduc.gov.rw
  • Step 3: At the right sidebar check for “Search Result
  • Step 4: Select the Exam type
    • P6
    • S3
    • S6
  • Step 5: Then you can Enter Your Registration No of the Selected Exam Name.
  • Finally Click on the “Search Button