Form Four and Above Job Opportunities at Monica Cakes and Events 2022

In this post, you will get all information about Monica Cakes and Events Job Opportunities 2022, form four jobs in tanzania, form four jobs 2022.

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Job description: Office Cleaner and delivery Staff:

  • To deliver all products in right time
  • To ensure cleanliness all day at the office
  • To ensure all orders are safe and well delivered to clients
  • Should know how to speak English.

Job description: General Manager

  • Overseeing the quality and production of all products that gets to customers
  • Observe products production and delivery, personally
  • Creating a bakery,catering and events planning experience
  • Making sure that the overall company business is solvent and profitable
  • Oversee personnel issues, making sure that employees are properly trained, and that he or she is looking for the sources of problems when they under perform.

How to Apply for Monica Cakes and Events Job Opportunities

Application Timeline is from 31.08.2022 to 5.08.2022

Submit Application to the Company Email Address: