Msimamo CAF Confederation Cup 2022/2023

Msimamo CAF Confederation Cup 2023: In this article you will access all information about Msimamo Kundi la Yanga CAF Confederation Cup.

The CAF Confederation Cup, known as the TotalEnergies CAF Confederation Cup for sponsorship purposes, is an annual association football club competition established in 2004 from a merger of the CAF Cup and the African Cup Winners’ Cup and organized by CAF.

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The CAF Interclub Competitions Organizing Committee resolved on a number of key matters pertaining to the upcoming season, which include the registration of clubs, competition dates, player registrations and engagement conditions for Member Associations.

Msimamo CAF Confederation Cup 2023





How many groups are in the CAF Confederation Cup?

The 2022–23 CAF Confederation Cup group stage began on 12 February and will end on 2 April 2023. A total of 16 teams will compete in the group stage to decide the eight places in the knockout stage of the 2022–23 CAF Confederation Cup.

Do CAF Confederation Cup winners qualify for Champions League?

The CAF Champions League is open to the winners of all CAF-affiliated national leagues, as well as the title holders from the previous season.
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