Names Called for Interview at Ardhi University 2022

Names Called for Interview at Ardhi University 2022

Walioitwa kwenye Usaili chuo kikuu cha Ardhi Ardhi University is a public university in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It was established 28 March 2007, though it has been offering training for more than 60 years in different status.

Ardhi University (ARU) in collaboration with the Office of the President Employment Secretariat would like Inform all applicants that the interview is expected to take place from the 25th – April 26, 2022. This announcement is accompanied by a list of applicants called for an interview.


General Conditions | Names Called for Interview at Ardhi University 2022

  • Interviews will be held April 25, 2022 – April 26, 2022 as indicated on this announcement; The time and place at which the interview will take place is specified for each department;
  • Each interviewee must have an identification card;
  • Acceptable IDs include: – Resident ID, Voter ID, Citizenship ID or Passport;
  • Candidates are required to arrive with their REAL CERTIFICATES, starting with the certificate of birth, Form IV, VI, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Degree and continue to depend on the Qualifications of the Applicant;
  • Interviewees who will present “Testimonials”, “Provisional Results”, “Statement of results”, Form IV and VI results documents (form V and form VI results slips) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED CONTINUED WITH INTERVIEW;
  • Each interviewee will pay for food, transportation and accommodation;
  • Each interviewee should take into account the date, time and place of the interview;
  • For applicants who have studied outside Tanzania to ensure that their Certificates are verified and approved by the relevant Authorities (such as TCU, NACTE or NECTA);
  • Job applicants whose names did not appear in this advertisement should be identified that they did not meet the criteria. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply again for vacancies when they are advertised and comply with the requirements of the relevant advertisement.
  • For cadres who are required to register with their Professional Boards they must come with their Real Registration Certificates as well as Operating Licenses.
  • Mobile use is not permitted in interview rooms.
Names Called for Interview at Ardhi University 2022
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