Nauli Mpya za Mabasi Mikoani 2022 | Sumatra Tanzania

nauli za mabasi ya mikoani 2022 Due to rising global oil prices has led many countries around the world to complain about high commodity prices.

Transportation Company asking the government to raise fares because fuel costs are too high. The following are the new bus fares from one region to another.

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List of Nauli za Mabasi Mikoani 2022

  3. ARUSHA REGION  Download
  4. DODOMA REGION Download
  5. GEITA REGION Download
  6. IRINGA REGION Download
  7. KAGERA REGION Download
  8. KATAVI  REGION Download
  9. KIGOMA REGION Download
  11. LINDI REGION Download
  12. MANYARA REGION Download
  13. MARA REGION Download
  14. MBEYA-REGION Download
  16. MTWARA REGION Download
  17. MWANZA REGION Download
  18. NJOMBE REGION Download
  19. PWANI REGION Download
  20. RUKWA REGION Download
  21. RUVUMA REGION Download
  22. SHINYANGA REGION  Download
  23. SIMIYU REGION Download
  24. SINGIDA REGION  Download
  25. SONGWE REGION Download
  26. TABORA REGION Download
  27. TANGA REGION Download

The Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) is a Government Regulatory Authority established by the Act of Parliament No. 3 of 2019.

The Act repelled the act of the former regulator, Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA).

Nauli za Mabasi Mikoani 2022 The Authority is set to regulate the land transport sectors particularly, transportation of goods and passengers (commuter buses, inter city buses, goods carrying vehicles, taxi, motor cycles and try cycles), railways and cable transport.

LATRA has its Head Office in Dar es Salaam, and has regional offices in all twenty six (26) regions of the Mainland Tanzania.

Nauli Mpya za Mabasi Mikoani 2022 | Sumatra Tanzania
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