NEAEA Grade 12 University Placement Result 2022 / 2014 EC

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Educational Assessment and Examinations Services (EAES) among others has a powers and duties of preparing country wide national examinations based on the country’s education curriculu.

Also deal with training policy, Administer and ensure the confidentiality and safety of national exams, Establish and administer a center for the safe custody of the results of national exams, Issue certificates of exam results to examinees.

NEAEA Grade 12 University Placement Result 2022 / 2014 EC

Conduct educational assessment, provide different customer-based services like: Re-issuing certificate, document verification and authentication and also announce the exam results.

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The National Educational Assessment and Examination Agency (NEAEA), Ethiopia have published the NEAEA Grade 12 placement 2023 choice.

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NEAEA Grade 12 University Placement Result

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The National Educational Assessment and Examination Agency (NEAEA) is Government Institution which in Ethiopia. National Educational Assessment and Examination Agency (NEAEA) is responsible for the administration of all National Examinations in Ethiopia.

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The National Educational Assessment And Examination Agency (NEAEA) had been starting in 1950 to provided different national Examination in different names and levels.

Since 1950, all examination result documents had been documented in hard and soft copies in the agency’s office.

National examination such as the Elementary school promotion Examination, the General Certificate Examination “Ordinary Level” (GCE O level) of the university of London and the experimental phase of the Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate Examination( ESLCE) were introduced, for the first time, in to the Ethiopian education System in the 1940’s.

And the responsible body for such examination was then Ministry of Education and Fine Arts (ESLCE Office Hand Book, 1985). According to the ESLCE Office Hand Book (1985), there was no ESLCE before 1950.

Beginning in 1950 the ESLCE began to be administered, on an Experimental basis, in conjunction with the London based General Certificate Examination (GCE), Ordinary (o) level. The GCE was then the preferred credential.

The GCE continued to been given for six years after the ESLCE was established as an independent, external, national achievement examination.

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The ESLCE soon became a grade twelve leaving examination and a certificate to be presented for Admission in to institutions of higher learning.

By 1950, the Ministry believed that it had sufficient and relevant experience to take full responsibility for conducting the ESLCE and for issuing results acceptable to national institutions of higher education over the world, and to national employers.

Thus the Ministry of education and fine Arts discontinued sponsoring candidates for the General Certificate Examination of the University of London.

Since the ESLCE had been the content and pattern of the GCE up to 1959, a major factor that prompted the decision to suspend and to eliminate the GCE, was the restriction this Examination placed on changes needed to make secondary education relevant and appropriate to Ethiopian conditions particularly in history, geography, and science.

Before the elimination of the GCE however, even Amharic had to fit the GCE syllabus.

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