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sepe concurso público agt 2023 | www sepe gov ao candidatura

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sepe concurso público agt
sepe concurso público agt

SEPE is not the source of origin of Government services but it is the page that aggregates all Government services in one place. 

Instructions for your First Registration in SEPE

In order to access your Reserved Area and to use exclusive SEPE options, you must register.

On the Registration screen, you must fill in the following elements: 

– Name – your name

 – Email – your email address 

– Password – your secret password, chosen by you and which you must not reveal to anyone else, to guarantee the security of your account 

– Mobile – your mobile number – Security Key (validation element)Once everything is filled in, click on the “Submit” button, after which you will be sent an email with a validation code to confirm your registration.

You must access your email account and look for a message sent by SEPE and follow the instructions.If you do not find this message in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

Access the SEPE website Here

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