The 10 Best Butchers in Johannesburg ( Butchery Near me) 2024

butchery near johannesburg south

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This article is specific to all those who need a butcher, Do you slaughter a butcher? if yes then this article is the solution to your challenges because it has provided you with 10 best Butchers from Johannesburg in South Africa.

The quality and popularity of all butchers in Johannesburg is linked to the fact that they have been able to meet the needs of their customers by providing their services and products with high quality. You can find out more about the quality of some butchers from Johannesburg by following this article below:

10 Best Butchers in Johannesburg

1. Gourmet Butcher

Gourmet Butcher are passionate about healthy eating, Gourmet Butchers are now offering meat from the hoof to your dining room table.

For fifteen years most South Africans have been indulging in grain-fed beef, lamb, pork, and chickens, which are either battery-fed or fed inhumanely as well as been pumped with antibiotics and hormones to stimulate growth.

More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of healthy beef. Unfortunately for many, it has been difficult to get hold of.

Gourmet Butcher is a purveyor of a unique selection of artisanal meat and meat products. Our supplier has invested heavily in searching for farmers who care for their livestock. The farmers have been hand-picked because of their commitment to producing natural, humanely raised, high-quality, and distinctive meat products. We offer beef products—always feed-lot FREE and raised the good old-fashioned way. All our meats are fresh and vacuum-packed.

2. Rembrandt Butchery

Rembrandt Butchery is one of the Sellers and butchers of quality meat such as chicken, wild game, pig and bovine. Also, Rembrandt Butchery has been doing this job for a total of almost 100 years, so they have had plenty of time to find the best way to handle their business.

Their biltong is vacuum-packed and enjoyed worldwide. Also they provide only the best biltong according to a traditional recipe. Their famous biltong is popular at all sporting events; no rugby or cricket match is successful without it.

They only stock one grade of meat – the BEST. Packaging is done according to your own requirements, and you are assured of quality service. If there is any unhappiness with a product, we will replace it for you. Other specialties: boerewors, roasts, spareribs, dry sausage, cheese, home-baked rusks.

3. Mona Muslim Butchery

Mona Muslim Butchery is one of the best butchers in Johannesburg, South Africa. They have been serving all communities but it is always preferred by the Muslim community Because their products are known to be clean, hygienic and delicious.

Mona Muslim Butcher Located in Office No. 1752, 1752 Albertina Sisulu Rd, Fordsburg, Johannesburg, 2033, South Africa.

4. The Butcher Shop and Grill

In the heart of Sandton, on Nelson Mandela Square, is the flagship Johannesburg branch of The Butcher Shop & Grill, the best butchery in sandton. an institution in South African dining. (Fine dining in Sandton, buy fresh meat, Fine wine Johannesburg, Fine dining Cape town, butchery in sandton)

For over 20 years, our unmatchable top steakhouse has been as much a part of SA culture as sunshine, red wine and red meat. You could say it is a landmark on the culinary landscape (and we’re now in Cape Town and the Middle East).

But The Butcher Shop is also about family – and the laughter, memories and conversations shared with special people over great food at a top steakhouse. Our family business, handed down over three generations, is famed for its quality produce, extensive menu, separate butchery & deli and 800 passionate staff globally.

In Johannesburg, we’re able to seat up to 600 guests, plus 22 guests in our exclusive private dining room. In Cape Town, we can accommodate 250 guests, with a capacity for an additional 40 guests in our private dining room, group events area, Fine dining Sandton, buy fresh meat, top steakhouse Johannesburg, Fine wine Johannesburg.

5. Meat Empire

Meat Ere is one of the largest stores for all meat, poultry and animal needs in Johannesburg in South Africa. To help you get the best meat at the most convenient price, the Butcher offers a variety of services that focus on your meat needs.

All meat products are carefully selected from the best South African suppliers who work under government guidelines to ensure that their products meet internationally recognized food safety standards.

You can be sure that everything they sell is not only of high quality, but will also provide delicious food for your family. The butcher is located at 85 Princes Ave, Benoni, Johannesburg, 1501, South Africa.

6. Sloane Meat Market

Sloane’s Butchery and Deli is one of the most legendary butchers in Joburg. Now vote for us as Best Butcher and Best Biltong in the Best of Joburg Readers’ Choice Awards 2021.

Our focus is on top-quality meat and personal service. Our wide range of meat products will satisfy any meaty craving you may have. From roasts, steaks, ribs and of course our delicious braai meat selection, this is your butchery of choice.

A visit to Sloane’s biltong counter offers you a wide selection, including some unusual items such as bacon biltong and Sloane’s dry wors wagon wheels. Our friendly biltong master will happily fulfil any biltong requests, whether you like it dry or wet, fatty or lean, in sticks, sliced or chunked.

7. Braeside Butchery

Braeside Butchery is a family owned and operated butchery located in Braamfontein. They offer an exceptional range of products to compliment your gourmet lifestyle, including artisanal dry-aged meat and a variety of charcuterie. The butchery specialises in sustainable, ethically raised animal products and supports local farmers.

All of our meat comes from specially selected farmers. Most have been farming for many years and understand that the best meat comes from the happiest animals. We visit our farmers frequently and have built up a strong relationship based on honesty, trust and the highest of ethical business practices.

In addition, we are constantly on the look out to extend our range of quality, ethically farmed meats. Our principles on ethical farming with a focus on uplifting local farmers means we only stock the finest meat and meat products. If the meat is not in line with our principles, we will not stock it or supply it to our customers.

8. Country Meat

Country Meat & Sausage is a family-operated processing plant and abattoir located in Southeast Manitoba. The Jowett family assumed operations in 1999 and continue to this day. In 2005 a second deli was opened in Steinbach, MB to meet local customer demands.

Today, the Blumenort production plant processes roughly 150 hogs per day. All of our hogs are locally sourced. Our product line includes, whole pork carcasses, fresh pork parts, as well as a variety of prepared ready-to-eat deli meats, created the old fashioned way.

The majority of our wholesale meat is delivered to retail and wholesale locations across Winnipeg daily. We have grown strong ties to our customers through consistency, friendliness, and competitive prices. These ties are retained through our sale and delivery staff who ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

9. Meat Etc.

10. Meat On Grant

At Meatongrant we use only the finest quality meat. All our beef products are pork free and made with A Grade Grain Fed Beef.

At Meatongrant, we serve only the finest quality meat to our customers. Food brings us all together, and we want everyone in Johannesburg to experience this feeling of togetherness around a whole lamb on a Spitbraai.

Come by our store or call us with your order for collection or delivery.

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