UONGOZI Institute Job Vacancies, July 2023

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UONGOZI Institute is a public organisation under the Office of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, seeking to promote the recognition of the important role of leadership in sustainable development in Tanzania and the wider continent.

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Duties and Responsibilities

  • To promote knowledge management principles and practices to create a culture that welcomes and supports knowledge sharing;
  • To keep comprehensive and accurate records and statistics of materials and users;
  • To maintain a reference system for the resource centres and maintain an up-to-date list of the publications in stock;
  • To update information on the established resource centre’s systems for effective dissemination of information;
  • To respond to help desk literature search requests;
  • To update the knowledge repositories such as programme repositories, subject matter expert databases;
  • To implement quality assurance programmes to ensure that the resource centres are current and accurate;
  • To communicate and promote guidelines and best practices for the use of the centres and materials;
  • To maintain the material lending system for the library;
  • To maintain a mailing list of stakeholder Institutions for smooth dissemination of publications originating from the Institute;
  • To maintain and update a network of users to enable information exchange between the users and the Institute, and;
  • To assist in the promotion and marketing of the Institute’s resource centres.

Qualifications | UONGOZI Institute Job Vacancies

Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in one of the following fields: Library and Information Studies, Library Studies, Library and Information Science, Information Studies, or equivalent qualifications from a recognized institution. Must have work experience of at least three (3) years in the field.



Duties and Responsibilities

  • To conduct internal audits of the Institute and assess the degree of adherence to the agreed programmes, policies, and regulations;
  • To examine annual accounts before submission to external auditors;
  • To scrutinize all accounting systems and procedures of the Institute and recommend areas of improvement;
  • To advise on the implementation of annual work plans, follow up on the implementation of external and internal audit recommendations;
  • To undertake audit assessment, take an active role in developing audit strategies and plans, including strategic planning processes
  • To review audit working papers to ensure adequate audit coverage;
  • To carry out audit and investigation functions in line with auditing standards to ensure compliance with Institution’s existing manuals, procedures, guidelines, and regulations and compliance with terms stipulated in the grants with the Institution;
  • To review existing and new computerized systems, information systems technology, and infrastructure to ensure compliance with established procedures and efficiency of systems, processes, and other operations;
  • To evaluate internal controls to ensure that systems provide adequate, timely, and accurate information, protection against loss through negligence, dishonesty, or otherwise and
  • To provide information and advice to budget holders to facilitate the most efficient use of the Institute’s financial and non-financial resources.

Qualification and Experience

Holder of a Master’s and Bachelor Degree in one of the following fields: Accountancy, Finance, Auditing, Business Administration/Commerce majoring in Accountancy or Finance or equivalent qualifications from recognized institutions. Must have a professional qualification recognized by the NBAA, either CPA (T), ACCA, ACA, CIA, or equivalent professional and must have work experience of at least five (5) years in the field.