Wafungaji bora ligi ya wanawake Tanzania 2022/23

Wafungaji bora ligi ya wanawake Tanzania 2022/23 is frequently updated in this page. We also put all information about Wafungaji ligi kuu ya wanawake tanzania 2022/23.

Serengeti Lite Tanzania and the Tanzania Football Federation have signed a sponsorship contract for the 2022-2023 league season.

In this article we have included Wafungaji Ligi Kuu ya Wanawake Tanzania Bara and all updates about Mfungaji bora simba queenc and Mfungaji bora Yanga Princess.

About Women’s Football in Tanzania

The 2022/2023 Tanzania Women’s Premier League will surely be one of the most competitive women’s leagues in East Africa, this is due to the recent investment that has been done by various clubs in Tanzania and also the presence of talented women players that have already left us wide mouthed open after the great performance in the previous games.

Wafungaji bora ligi ya wanawake Tanzania 2022/23


Wafungaji bora ligi ya wanawake Tanzania 2022

The following below is the List wafungaji ligi ya wanawake tanzania tanzania bara 2022 with 10 teams from the top to the bottom:-

Ligi ya Wanawake Tanzania 20222023

While women’s football continues to be given priority in Tanzania, various clubs have now started investing in women’s teams, some of which have started with big things, such as Simba Queen, which was able to qualify for the Caf women’s champions league.

In order to ensure the development of women’s football, TFF has established the Tanzania Women’s Premier League or also known as Serengeti Lite Women’s Premier League which involves clubs from various areas in Tanzania.

The league will feature 10 teams, which are Alliance Girls (Mwanza), Amani Queens (Lindi), Baobab Queens (Dodoma), Ceasiaa Queens (Iringa), Fountain Gate Princess (Dodoma), JKT Queens (Dar es Salaam), Mkwawa Queens (Iringa), Simba Queens (Dar es Salaam), The Tigers Queens (Arusha), Yanga Princess (Dar es Salaam).

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