Waliochaguliwa Chuo Kikuu Mzumbe 2021/2022 | Mzumbe Selected Applicants

Waliochaguliwa Chuo Kikuu Mzumbe 2021/2022 | Mzumbe Selected Applicants 2021/2022

Waliochaguliwa Chuo Kikuu Mzumbe 2021/2022, Mzumbe Selected Applicants 2021/2022, MZUMBE UNIVERSITY ONLINE APPLICATION STEP, Apply for Mzumbe University.

Mzumbe University was established by the Mzumbe University Charter, 2007 under Section 25 of the Universities Act. No. 7 of 2005 which repealed Mzumbe University Act. No 9 of 2001. As a Training Institute, the University boasts of over 50 years of experience of training in the administration of justice, business management, public administration, accountancy, finance, political science, and good governance.

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Mzumbe University origin can be traced back to 1953 when the British Colonial Administration established a Local Government School in the country.

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The school was aimed at training local Chiefs, Native Authority Staff, and Councilors. The level of training was elevated after Tanzania (Tanganyika) independence to include training of Central Government Officials, Rural Development Officers, and local Court Magistrates.

In 1972, the then Local Government School was merged with the Institute of Public Administration of the University of Dar es Salaam to form the Institute of Development Management (IDM-Mzumbe). IDM was a higher learning institution for training professional managers in the public and private sectors.

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Given the natural growth of the Institute over the years of successful operation and the changing national and international human resource needs, the Government transformed it into fully fledge public University. This was made under the Act of Parliament No.21 of 2001.

In December 2006, the Mzumbe University Act No 21 of 2001 was repealed by the Universities Act of Tanzania No. 7 of 2005 and replaced by the Mzumbe University charter, 2007 which now guide the operations and management of the University. The mandate of the University as stipulated in the Mzumbe University Charter, 2007 focuses on training, research, publications and public service cum consultancy.

Are you Searching for Mzumbe University selections/ Mzumbe University selected applicants in 2021? Don’t worry, here on selection za vyuo website you will get the whole thing about Mzumbe University selected applicants for 2021/2022 – Majina ya wanafunzi waliochaguliwa Mzumbe University 2021/22.

If you are looking for undergraduate selection results for other colleges and universities you can just visit this link All university selection results in Tanzania for 2021/2022, from there you will be able access all the selection results for all the other colleges and universities in Tanzania.

In this page we are going to explain everything about Mzumbe University Selected applicants 2021/22 – Mzumbe University selection results as well as; Mzumbe University selection results release dates, how to check Mzumbe University selection status online, the direct link to check the Mzumbe University selections 2021/2022.

Mzumbe University selected applicants 2021/2022– The Mzumbe University –
Mzumbe University selected applicants is simply the list of students/applicants/candidates selected to join for various undergraduate, diploma, certificate or Postgraduate programs at the Mzumbe University (MZUMBE) for 2021/2022 academic year.

Mzumbe University selection release dates

The release of the Mzumbe University selection is the most anticipated moment for undergraduate students in Tanzania, as many students/applicants/candidates want to know their selection status; If they have got an admission, have been selected to join at the Mzumbe University or Their applications have been rejected?

Waliochaguliwa Chuo Kikuu Mzumbe 2021/2022 | Mzumbe Selected Applicants

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus disease COVD-19, the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) was to postpone the undergraduate admission application dates to August 2020 after the release of form six 2020 results while the release of the first batch of students selected to join the Mzumbe University will be on the 9th October 2020. Therefore, the 2020/2021 academic year is expected to start by 23rd November 2020.

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How to check Mzumbe University selection 2020/2021 – MZUMBE selected applicants 2020/2021
Here we have good news for all MZUMBE applicants when the management of the Mzumbe University (MZUMBE) releases the list of selected students to joining the Mzumbe University for the 2020 academic year, All the candidates will be able to access their selection status by using the following ways;

Check Mzumbe University selection 2020 Via Mzumbe University official website.

The Mzumbe University selection 2020/21 academic year will be posted on the Mzumbe University website www.MZUMBE.ac.tz, therefore all candidates/applicants applied for admission at the Mzumbe University for the 2021/2022 academic will be able to check their selection results by just Visiting the Mzumbe University official website www.MZUMBE.ac.tz, after visiting the Mzumbe University website home page, from there they will find latest announcements related to Mzumbe University list of selected applicants 2021/2022 (majina ya wanafunzi waliochaguliwa MZUMBE 2020/21)

Check Mzumbe University selection 2021 Via Mzumbe University Admission portal (Mzumbe University online application system)

When the selection process is completed, the management of Mzumbe University will automatically update the Online application profile of every candidate to notify them if they have been selected or rejected, and the reason for rejection.

To check MZUMBE selection status via The Mzumbe University Online Application System, a candidate will have to visit the MZUMBE admission portal https://admission.mzumbe.ac.tz/. After visiting the MZUMBE online application portal link, He/she will be required to login on the portal using his/her login credentials (passwords and index number usually form four index numbers).

For those who have been wondering online, on how they can effortlessly access the full list of students selected to join the Mzumbe University for 2021/2022 academic year.

Once the selection lists are out; the following links will be used to access the full list (Majina ya wanafunzi waliochaguliwa Mzumbe University 2021/22).

  • Mzumbe University selected Applicants pdf 2021/2022

  • Mzumbe University multiple selected applicants

  • List of selected applicants Mzumbe University 2021-2022

Mzumbe University MU Selection 2021/2022 | Selected students/Applicants/Candidates 2021/2022
MAJINA YA WANAFUNZI WALOCHAGULIWA KUJIUNGA CHUO KIKUU MZUMBE 2021/2022 Majina ya Wanafunzi waliochaguliwa kujiunga chuo kikuu mzumbe 2021/2022

Quick Steps To Apply for Mzumbe University

A. Before you start your Application

  1. Make sure you have a Valid Email Address and Phone Number ( They will be used for issuing feedback on your application status when the admission selection is complete)
  2. Access the link for Online Application and Admission Portal (http://admission.mzumbe.ac.tz/ provided through ‘ Admission’ button on Mzumbe University Official Website)

B. Registration:

  1. New Applicants – Go to the “Online Admission” tab then click on “New applicant click to register”. You Must Register by Creating a User Account (You should Type a User name, A valid email address and a an easy to remember Password then Press a CREATE ACCOUNT Button). You will receive a message “Please check your email to complete the registration process.”
  2. Go to your email and activate the account you created by clicking on the link you received from the Application Portal which reads. “To activate this account, please click the following link”. You will receive a feedback message “Your Account is now activated”.
  3. Click of a Login Link here you will be redirected to the Admission Login Page “ Sign in to your Account” You will be required to enter/write ‘ your ‘ User Name’ and ‘ Password’ then click on ‘ SIGN IN’
  4. Select ‘Entry Mode’ and such as ‘Direct’ and ‘Equivalent’. Specify the Country you attended your A-Level /O-Level, the click “ SAVE AND CONTINUE”


This has Six simple steps.

Step #1: Accept Terms and Conditions:

After reading the terms and conditions click to Select ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’ then press “SAVE AND CONTINUE” to see the next window. This will take you to step 2.

Step #2: Personal details:

 Fill in personal details Correctly such as Date of Birth, Sex, Marital status, City/Region, District, Sponsorships, Phone Number, and Postal Address. Then Click on ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE’. This will move you to step Number 3.

Step #3: Make Payment:

At this point, you will receive an auto-generated ‘Payment Control Number’ that will be used for payment of your application fee. This number will be used to make payment using any of the following channel:

1.Via Mobile Network Operators (MNO):

  1. Enter to the respective USSD Menu of MNO
  2. Select 4 (Make Payments)
  3. Select 5 (Government Payments)
  4. Enter the control number xxxxxxxxxxxxx as reference number
  5. Then amount
  6. Lastly PIN (Password)


Visit any branch or bank agent of NMB, CRDB or TPB. With Control Number: xxxxxxxxxxxx

If you have paid using CRDB SimBanking App or Mpesa ‘Refresh your page’ or use keyboard CTRL + R to display your payment confirmation details. If you logout and paid using branch or at Fahari Huduma, login again to see your payment confirmation details. Then Click on ‘CONFIRM PAYMENT AND CONTINUE’. This will directly take you to step Number 4

Step #4: Confirm Previous Training:

For direct undergraduate applicant write your ‘ Form Four Index Number’ and ‘Form Six Index Number’ correctly in the relevant boxes. Then press ’ >’ to move the numbers into the right box. Then Click on ‘SEARCH RESULTS ’. Both Form Four and Form Six results will be retrieved together with your names. Make sure you confirm if all retrieved data are correct. Then Click on ‘CONFIRM AND CONTINUE’ to move to Step Number 5.

Step #5: Select Programmes:

For Bachelors, Diploma and Certificate Applicants you will choose three programmes that you would like to be considered for admission. Click of the Programme then Push/Move Forward ‘>’ or back ‘<’. They are arranged according to your preferences. Then Click on ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE’. This will take you to Step Number 6.

Step #6: Check and submit:

At this stage you can review all information on your application before you click on the submit button. You are allowed to Edit all the information except the Names, Results and the Application Fee Payment.
If you are satisfied click ‘SUBMIT APPLICATION’. You have completed the Application Process. You now receive a text message through the Phone number you provided that reads “Thank you for submitting your application to Mzumbe University. You will be notified when the selection process is complete”

For Further Assistance:

1. Visit Mzumbe University Website ’ Admissions’ Burner where you will be updated on the status of your application.

Waliochaguliwa Chuo Kikuu Mzumbe 2021/2022 | Mzumbe Selected Applicants
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