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PayByPlate.com is an electronic toll collection provider that provides the driver with a unique license plate number and allows them to make payments online without the need for credit cards, checks, or cash.

This innovative process works similarly to how Fast Lane was designed in Massachusetts before Pay By Plate. PayByPlate has made it easier to pay your tolls online.

As per Massachusetts, the Department of Transportation, plate numbers are assigned electronically and guaranteed for 15 years. The plates can be purchased in person at registry branches or online at www.paybyplatema.com Online.

An account must be created online, and your plate number will be issued to you to buy the license plate.

About E-Zpass MA? | paybyplatema

E-ZPass MA is a brand of electronic toll collection (ETC) system in Massachusetts, United States. It allows motorists to purchase and use a transponder to pay tolls electronically without stopping.

The E-ZPass MA is mainly used for car travel, but it can also be used with motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

PayByPlate MA 2022 Registration Requirements

  • PaybyPlateMa’s official login page may be accessed by clicking on the URL provided in this article. It will open a new tab in your browser so you can continue reading the instructions and performing any required troubleshooting actions.
  • Log in with your username and password. PaybyPlateMa login or PaybyPlateMa login authorization must have been sent to you when you registered.
  • You should receive a “Connection Successful” notification at this point. The PaybyPlateMa Login has now been successfully accessed by you.
  • PaybyPlateMa’s troubleshooting guide may be accessed here if the login page does not work for you.
  • The next step is to erase your browser’s cache and cookies if you still can’t access the site. For the most popular browsers, we’ve provided instructions here.
  • This is the final step in the process of disabling any Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Certain nations are blocked on some websites, while others provide IP addresses.
  • We’re here to help if you’re still having trouble accessing your account, so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

How to Login into Www paybyplatema com Pay Online?

  • Visit www.paybyplatema.com Login Page.
  • There are two main ways to create an account: Enter your license plate number, and a new one will be issued to you or Register directly by providing us with your name, address, email I.D., and the type of vehicle.
  • To Login into PayByPlate MA online payment website, you need to enter your Plate Number and Zip Code.
  • Then you have to provide your Vehicle information such as License Plate Number, Year, Make, Model, etc.
  • Choose the Vehicle Type from the given option, i.e., Commercial truck or Passenger car, or Motorcycle, then click on “Continue.”
  • Make a Payment using one of the following options: Debit Card/Credit Card/Check or Cash/Money Order.
  • If you have a credit card, debit card, or cash, click on “Continue” and proceed to the next step.

If you want to pay with a check or money order, then you need to visit the local branch of the Registry of Motor Vehicle (RMV) to make payment. For further information, you may contact the PayByPlate.com support team at 1-800-749-2739.

Here you can choose your preferred payment source from the given list of options and click on the “Continue” button. You will be redirected to your account dashboard, where you can view all transaction details, including toll charges, payments made online, etc.

Pay by Plate MA Features & Benefits

  • As per Massachusetts, the drivers will be provided with a unique plate number for parking permits attached to their vehicle windshield.
  • PaybyPlate.com gives you a bridge for converting your old Fast Lane account into an E-ZPass MA. You can choose to keep your existing Fast Lane tag number or get a new plate number.
  • In Massachusetts, drivers can make payments online without credit cards, checks, or cash.
  • The driver can track their toll usage online and identify the current outstanding balances. It will be easier for them to make quick payments when needed.

Password Reset Procedures

  • Visit www.paybyplatema.com to log in to Pay By Plate MA.
  • Now select “Registered User” from the drop-down menu.
  • How about “Username, password or account locked” now?
  • Your “Account Number” is required.
  • Please enter your email address in the supplied text box.
  • Submitting the form is now as simple as clicking the button.
  • Your address will be used to send you instructions on how to reset your password.

Various Payment Options

The official Pay By Plate MA registration webpage has the following payment options.

  • A transponder alternative and substantial reductions are available to those who choose to keep using E-ZPass MA.
  • There is a non-governmental authority that approves E-ZPass transponders.
  • The most common payment option for college tuition is cash.
  • Your grey card serves as a reference point for payment. MA routes only allow on-board check-ins.

Only on MA lines may you recharge your Ma account with a valid credit card.

Pay by Plate Massachusetts Customer Service

PayByPlate.com is an online payment facility that allows you to pay your toll charges anytime and from anywhere in the world. 24/7 customer service via phone: 1-866-274-9749 or by email at customer.service@ezdrivema.com is available to help and guide you throughout the PayByPlate MA online payment process.

If you need more information about the Pay By Plate MA service, please visit their website: http://www.paybyplatema.com/ or click on the “Contact Us” link.

EZDriveMA Address:

  • EZDriveMA Customer Service Center,
  • P.O. Box 8007,
  • Auburn,
  • Massachusetts 01501-8007
  • Fax: (508) 786-5222
  • Official Website: www.paybyplatema.com

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Www paybyplatema com Pay Online 2022
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