ASPA Job Vacancy, June 2023

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The Arusha Society for the protection of Animals (ASPA) is a registered society under NGO Act no 24 of 2002 of Tanzania. ASPA was founded on 1997 with a focus to reduce animal suffering and create meaningful social change for animals by promoting community led and sustainable animal welfare in Tanzania through education, animal heath care, advocacy and networking.

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We are searching for a highly skilled Mass media personnel to help us expand our business. This is a key position that cares for animals welfare in Arusha and Tanzania and creates innovative practices to improve our animals quality of life.

Candidates must have strong observation, communication and critical thinking skills, as well as proficient knowledge in mass media. Candidates should have diploma or related field and experience working with animals.


  • Good at working on your own
  • To go out into the world, and search for the truth.
  • Good at meeting strict deadlines for your reports
  • Very good at English and your vocabulary is very big
  • Always wanted to work for a big news firm
  • Traveling and filming footage.

How to Apply : ASPA Job Vacancy

Apply to; or

Deadline July 7, 2023.