Latest Job Vacancy at CWS Tanzania | Resettlement Expert Level I

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Latest Job Vacancy at CWS Tanzania | Resettlement Expert Level I

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Position Title: Resettlement Expert Level I

Primary Purpose:

This is a full time position within ARDU which strategically utilizes temporary CWS RSC deployments to UNHCR offices with the goal of increasing referrals and managing cases in the pipeline for the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) in Africa.

The primary function of the Resettlement Expert Level I is to support the goals of ARDU through these temporary deployments within sub-Saharan Africa. Tasks to be completed by the Resettlement Expert Level I while on deployment in UNHCR offices will be determined in the Terms of Reference (TOR) awarded to them prior to the commencement of each deployment.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Resettlement Expert Level I will be expected to:

  1. Travel on deployments to UNHCR offices on short notice, with UNHCR Kasulu being the primary deployment location.
  2. Complete all duties in accordance with ARDU and UNHCR Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) including country-specific registration and resettlement guidelines of the deployment location.
  3. Contribute towards identifying resettlement cases, compiling interview lists, scheduling interviews, conducting profiling and/ or Level 3 Registration (L-3 Reg.) assessments, tackling deferrals & re- submissions, as well as carrying out resettlement interviews with the goal of completing UNHCR Resettlement Registration Forms (RRFs) for review.
  4. Update new and verify existing refugee registration data and, ensure timely updates of all case files and database records per UNHCR SOPs and guidelines.
  5. Maintain updated knowledge of current refugee situations and populations served in sub-Saharan Africa.
  6. Be available, whilst on deployment, to answer any specific technical questions raised by UNHCR or CWS RSC Africa colleagues regarding USRAP processing.
  7. Actively participate as a member of the UNHCR team and comply with CWS and UNHCR’s security requirements.
  8. Undertake additional work-related duties as agreed upon by the ARDU Management in consultation with both the UNHCR Supervisor and ARDU deployee.
  9. Ensure that ARDU staff resources such as Country of Origin Information, current practices and approaches in Profiling, L-3 Reg., RRF Writing and Deferral processing are updated. cws jobs tanzania
  10. Communicate challenges related to casework, logistics and relationship with partners to ARDU Management in a timely manner.
  11. Submit regular reports to ARDU Management to document progress against deployment goals and objectives.
  12. Contribute to the development of deployment training topics, procedures and implementation.
  13. Undertake additional assigned duties while in the field or at the CWS RSC Africa office to support ARDU and RSC Africa, including administrative tasks.
  14. Any other duties as assigned



  • Two (2) years of work experience is required.
  • Six (6) months related experience is required, including in a developing country in a relevant work area (e.g. assisting refugees in a resettlement context, casework, preparing refugee resettlement referrals, etc.).