Msimamo Wa Makundi Kombe la Mapinduzi 2023

Msimamo Wa Makundi Kombe la Mapinduzi 2023: In this article you will access all information about Msimamo Mapinduzi Cup 2023.

The Mapinduzi Cup is a tournament created by the Zanzibar Football Federation to commemorate Zanzibar’s Revolution day which is marked annually on 12 January.

The first edition of the cup was in 1998. However, the cup is played between Zanzibari clubs together with clubs from Tanzania mainland. Since 2013 clubs from Kenya and Uganda have been invited to take part occasionally.

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Msimamo Makundi Kombe la Mapinduzi 2023


Msimamo wa Makundi Kombe la Mapinduzi 2023


1. Malindi SC4 Points
2.Azam Fc1 Point
3. Jamhuri1 Point


Singida Big Stars3 Points
KMKM0 Point
Yanga SC0 Point


Mlandege4 Points
KVZ1 Point
Simba SC0 Point


Aigle Nour1 Point
Chipukizi1 Point
Namungo0 Point

The stadium was the location of a ceremony on 5 February 1977, uniting the Afro-Shirazi Party and the Tanganyika African National Union into the Chama cha Mapinduzi. The flags of the respective parties were raised and lowered for the last time with the flag of the Chama cha Mapinduzi then being raised. Amani Abeid Karume was sworn in as president of Zanzibar on 8 November 2000.

The stadium underwent refurbishment again with Chinese assistance, reopening in 2010.

The annual Revolution Day anniversary celebration at the national level is held at the stadium on 12 January.

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