Site Administrator at CVPeople Tanzania June 2021

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Site Administrator at CVPeople Tanzania June 2021
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Site Administrator at CVPeople Tanzania June 2021

CVPeople Tanzania | Full time

Mara , Tanzania | Posted on 06/22/2021

Purpose of position

This position assists the Plant Manager with the office, financial and staff related administration of the site. Assists with control of petty cash. Responsible for co-ordination of housing/accommodation, transport, coordinating timesheets.


Also responsible for stationery, telephones and tele-faxes. Supervises site clerical staff.

Minimum Responsibilities

Administration Responsibilities

  • Maintains manual and electronic copies of site documentation
  • Creates a set of hardcopy project files as per the Plant Manager’s requirements and relevant to the documentation they will be handling such as stationery, travel, month-end reports and minutes of meetings. (Site Administrator at CVPeople Tanzania )
  • Consolidates information for meetings, as requested by the Plant Manager.
  • Maintains the distribution lists for the project concerned.
  • Distributes information to nominated persons.
  • Takes and/or formalise and distributes minutes of meetings to both the team members, contractors and client.
  • Interfaces with the Operation Management team regarding the administration processes.
  • Provides general and HR support to the operations team members and run the site office.
  • Carries out all secretarial work for the plant; assists in typing up and formatting of site documents not limited to specifications, procedures and site reports.
  • Generates month-end reports as per site specific requirements. Reports are required by a pre-determined date and the information must be obtained from the relevant site team members timeously.
  • Updates the manual and electronic timesheets on behalf of site employees.
  • Collates the hard copy timesheets of the site team for authorisation by the Plant Manager and submission to the Head Office.
  • Makes travel arrangements including flights (chartered or commercial), car hire or airport transfers, accommodation, visas, bookings for the travel clinics and so forth where necessary.
  • Collects all take-on documents for new staff, files such manually and electronically and submits to Head Office. (Site Administrator at CVPeople Tanzania )
Site Administrator at CVPeople Tanzania June 2021

General Responsibilities

  • Sets up and maintains the operations network space.
  • Administers the operations portal site in conjunction with the Plant Manager.
  • Coordinates the logistical needs of all site staff members.
  • Takes telephone messages. (Site Administrator at CVPeople Tanzania )
  • Be aware of what documentation is available on server and keep order thereof.
  • Sets up new project templates.
  • Arranges for all site books.
  • Organises business cards for project team members.
  • Schedules meetings and workshops on request.
  • Arranges site functions.
  • Makes boardroom bookings and arrange for refreshments and specific facility requirements.
  • To ensure the effective running of the Site Office, the Site Administrator may need to:

Site Administrator People & Culture

o Report malfunctioning equipment to ICT;

o Request assistance to setup a meeting;

o Book mobile projectors;

o Report problems with servers, telephones, etc.

o Contact the supplier when services, toner etc. are needed for the fax machines, copiers, scanners and printers.

  • Assists Plant Manager with the preparation of presentations and any research of relevant documentation. (Site Administrator at CVPeople Tanzania )

Financial Administration

Reconciles all expenses for approval and review by the Plant Manager and sends signed copies of the invoices to cost control and accounts for capturing and processing respectively.
Administration of change requests to site documents

Receives drawings / documents and distribute to the discipline supervisors via the Plant Manager.
Re-issue for review and approval.



  • Formal Qualification Required Essential Secretarial or Administration Diploma Essential OR 3 years + Site administration experience Essential


  • Job Related Experience Required Time Span Essential / Advantageous
  • Demonstrable experience of working in a similar role at a comparable level in a company
  • 3 Years+ Essential Secretarial experience 3 Years+ Essential. (Site Administrator at CVPeople Tanzania )
  • Experience in the full project cycle is a must (tendering, pre- and post-proposal development) or Operations and Maintenance Environment 3 Years+ Advantageous
  • MS Word, MS PPT – intermediate level (minimum) 3 Years+ Essential
Site Administrator at CVPeople Tanzania June 2021
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  • Job Related Skills Required Essential / Advantageous
  • Effective diary management and travel planning E