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Arusha City Council’s Vision is a simple statement which is forward looking, achievable and communicates Council’s image for the City in the future. It provides the focus for Council’s strategic goals which are statements of broad direction or intent for Council’s principal objectives. In the next five years, Arusha City Council (ACC) expects to be guided by the following Vision.

“Arusha City Council aspires to be the best City Council that provide better and Sustainable Services in a Self Sustaining Economy by the year 2025”

Volunteering Job Vacancies at Arusha City Council

The above Vision is expected to be achieved through the followings Mission Statements. The Mission statement indicates what is to be done, how it has to be done and why it has to be done. Therefore, the Mission statement for the Arusha City Council is;

“Arusha City, in collaboration with internal and External Stakeholders, intend to Increase the Capacity of its multicultural community to develop a growing and sustainable economy, social wellbeing and Environmental sustainability through good governance practices”

In order to contribute towards the realization of the Vision and Mission, the Arusha City Council during the financial year 2016/17 to 2020/2021 will have to fulfill the following developmental broad Objectives;

  • Improve services and reduce HIV/AIDS infection
  • Enhance, sustain and effective implementation of the National Anti-corruption Strategy
  • Improve access, quality and equitable social services delivery
  • Increase quantity and Quality of social services and Infrastructure
  • Enhance Good Governance and Administrative Services
  • Improve social welfare, gender and community empowerment
  • Improve Emergency and Disaster Management
  • Council to perform its mandated functions strengthened.

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