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The Walter Sisulu University (WSU) Student Portal can be accessed either through a direct link that is set to create a new application for a specific program, or through an open link into the portal.

It varies from program to program whether you will be using a direct link or an open link.

This WSU portal is your online gateway to information and resources at Walter Sisulu University (WSU) and beyond.

It enables you to access a range of personalized information depending on your role. You can view and update your details including your local address and emergency contact numbers from time to time.

You can also access the courses you’ve registered for and the examination results for each semester. The latest announcements and events listed here will keep you in step with the happenings in the university and beyond.

For more information and inquiries, you can contact Walter Sisulu University (WSU) by visiting the institution’s official website.

Check WSU Application status 2024/2025 (Apply) (Admission Status)

Check WSU Application status 2024/2025 (Apply) and WSU Registration status in South Africa: The Walter Sisulu University Application Status Check allows you to check the most up-to-date information about your application: The status of your application can be tracked by logging into WSU Portal.

To find out Walter Sisulu University’s Application status, log in to the WSU student Portal to see your Application status within the given deadline.

If your application for admission is successful and accepted by the faculty, you will receive an offer of admission in the Application Portal.

In that case, the University will provide a deadline by which you must respond to the offer. If you want to accept the offer of admission, you must log in and accept it in the Application Portal within the given deadline.

WSU application status check overview

  • Students will first need to register online
  • The online applications will then be reviewed
  • Walter Sisulu University updates the application status
  • Students can then log in to the WSU portal
  • Applicants can view the Walter Sisulu University Application Status Check online

How does the application process work?

The process is fairly simple. First, students will need to register online. Thereafter, their application and academic record will be reviewed by the university.

This criterion is mentioned upon application, this could be their academic report and grade. Once a student has met all academic criteria and provided the necessary documents their application will be approved. However, if a student fails to meet the criteria their application will be rejected.

Who can view the application status?

The admission status can be viewed by South African students who have applied to study at WSU. Students will need to have their log-in details at hand. This will allow them to log in with their email address and view the application status.

What is the status check?

In a nutshell, the status check allows students to view their acceptance. Furthermore, students can do so by simply visiting the Walter Sisulu University website. Here, they will find out if their admission has been successful.

How to review the WSU Status Check

If a student has applied to study at the WSU they will need to view the application status. This will further inform them if they have been accepted or rejected. Students can follow these steps to track their applications:

Step 1:

Open your browser and visit the Walter Sisulu website –

Step 2:

Ensure that you have your WSU reference number or ID number at hand.

Step 3:

Enter your reference number or ID number and select the year. Next, click on the Search button

Step 4:

Click on the Admission Letter section to view your admission letter.  You will then be able to download and print the admission letter.

Walter Sisulu University Application status

It is strongly recommended that Walter Sisulu University applicants check their application status on a regular basis, e.g. once a week, as there may be updates or additional requests required as part of the dossier review.

In addition, you can update your address on this site so that the University always has your current coordinates.

Solutions to common issues

The common issues students usually face with logging in to the portal are forgotten passwords, emails, ids, and web-related problems.

The management may use cybersecurity features to reduce the risk of information theft from attackers. The downside to these security features is that they may also affect the legit students who wish to use the student portal.


Walter Sisulu University PO Box 1421 EAST LONDON 5200

Grey Street Site and Masibulele Site Tel: (+27) 040 842 6800 For admission queries, telephone (+27) 040 842 6806

Student Access to Email | WSU student email login

You, as a student, can keep up-to-date with your correspondence including library book due dates by using the WSU email system.

  • Email accounts are created automatically for all WSU registered students.
  • The email address is the, for example,
  • As a student, you can access your emails by going to – scroll down to Connect Me and select the option to access WSU email OR go directly to
  • The default password for first-year students is the student’s identity number.
  • In your inbox, please remember to check for reminders and overdue notices from the Library.

Walter Sisulu University (WSU) courses: Full List

Rhodes University is offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

There are a total of four faculties or schools under Walter Sisulu University (WSU) offering courses in following areas:

Here are all the courses or programmes offered by Walter Sisulu University (WSU). Click on the department below for more information about courses.

Faculty of Business, Management Sciences and Law

The Departments and programmes are:

  • Department of Accounting & Finance
    • Diploma: Internal Auditing, Potsdam
    • Advanced Diploma: Cost and Management Accounting,   Street College
  • Department of Corporate Communication & Marketing
    • Higher Certificate: Versatile Broadcasting, Heritage
    • Diploma: Journalism, Heritage
    • Advanced Diploma: Journalism, Heritage
  • Department of Management & Governance
    • Diploma: Management, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Management (Extended), Potsdam
    • Diploma: Public Management, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Policing, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Local Government Finance, Potsdam
    • Diploma: in Local Government Finance (Extended)
    • Diploma: Small Business Management, Potsdam
    • Advanced Diploma: Management, Potsdam
    • Advanced Diploma: Public Management, College Street
  • Department of People Development & Technology
    • Diploma: Human Resources Management, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Administrative Management, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Office Management & Technology, Potsdam
    • Advanced Diploma: Human Resources Management, Potsdam & College Street
    • Advanced Diploma: Business Administration, Potsdam
  • Department of Tourism, Hospitality & Sports Management
    • BTech: Tourism Management
    • Diploma: Hospitality
    • Diploma: Tourism Management
    • Diploma: Sports Management.

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • BCur (Basic)
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • BSc Health Promotion (Allied Health Professions)
  • Bachelor of Medical Clinical Practice (Medicine)
  • Bachelor of Social Work (Allied Health Professions)
  • Bachelor of Medical Sciences: Mthatha

Faculty of Education

  1. University Licentiate in Music Education (ULME)
  2. BEd (FET) Humanities
  3. BEd (FET) Natural Sciences
  4. BEd (FET) Economic and Management Sciences Education
  5. BEd (FET) Consumer Science Education
  6. BEd (FET) Technology Education
  7. Bachelor of Social Sciences
  8. Bachelor of Arts
  9. BEd (FET) Arts and Culture Education
  10. Diploma in Adult basic education and training (ABET)

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology

  1. BSc: (3-year programme) Computer Science or 4-year extended curriculum programme
  2. BSc: Applied Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematical Statistics, Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Zoology (3 year programme)
  3. BSc:Environmental Science  (3 year programme)
  4. B.Tech: Chemistry
  5. B. Tech: Fine Art
  6. B.Tech: Information Technology (Software Development)
  7. B.Tech: Information Technology (Communication Networks)
  8. B.Tech: Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering or Water Engineering)
  9. B.Tech Electrical Engineering
  10. B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
  11. National Diploma: Fine Art
  12. National Diploma: Fashion
  13. National Diploma: Consumer Sciences: Food and Nutrition
  14. National Diploma: Building or Extended Curriculum Programme
  15. National Diploma: Civil Engineering or Extended Curriculum Programme
  16. National Diploma: Electrical Engineering or Extended Curriculum Programme
  17. National Diploma: Mechanical Engineering or Extended Curriculum Programme
  18. National Diploma: Information Technology (Software Development) or Extended Curriculum Programme
  19. National Diploma: Information Technology (Support Services) or Extended Curriculum Programme
  20. National Diploma: Information Technology (Communication Networks) or Extended Curriculum Programme
  21. National Diploma: Analytical Chemistry (Mainstream and Extended)

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