Www nmu ac za Status Check 2024 | NMU status check

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Www nmu ac za Status Check

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Nelson Mandela University is one of the best universities in South Africa. The college was established in 2005. On 20 July 2017.

Www nmu ac za Status Check 2024 | NMU status check 2024

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University has officially renamed Nelson Mandela University: the only higher education institution in the world to carry the name of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

The name change provided an opportunity for the institution to rebrand and position itself continentally and globally, while also allowing it to usher in a new era of renewed vigor towards meaningful transformation.

Nelson Mandela University is located in the cities of Port Elizabeth and George Province of South Africa.

Nelson Mandela University can accommodate about 8,000 students. This University receives students from more than 54 countries in the world. It is estimated that over 18% of students at Nelson Mandela University are from out of South Africa country.

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Nelson Mandela University status check

Once you have applied, you can check your application status using the log-in details supplied during the initial application process.

  • Go to NMU status checker portal https://nmu.edu/admissions/apply
  • Select and Enter CAO Number, ID/Passport number then Sign In by clicking SUBMIT button.
  • Then Click “Login” button to access your admission status.
  • If you have been admitted conditionally or unconditionally, please visit the University admission portal to accept or decline the place that has been allocated to you.

Should you have any problems logging in, please consult the student self-service help documentation.

Should you have any problems logging in, please consult the student self-service help documentation.

WHAT NEXT AFTER CHECKING NMU application status 2024

Next thing to after Checking admission list is to proceed to Nelson Mandela University Application Letter After Checking Application Status.

Newly admitted candidates are to check the Nelson Mandela University School Fees and opening date for the first semester of the 2023.

Congratulations if your name is among the successful candidates in the admission lists of the Nelson Mandela University NMU.

Congratulations if your name is among the successful candidates in the admission lists of the Nelson Mandela University NMU.

What are the Nmu online application 2024 Requirements?

To make a successful application, that is Nmu online application 2024 for Nelson Mandela University South Africa admission you must meet requirements are as follows:

You’re Nmu online application 2024 depends on satisfying two necessary conditions:

  1. Minimum requirements for a bachelor’s degree and you meet the required faculty requirements.
  2. You need to pass seven subjects to qualify for a Bachelor’s degree course: four compulsory and three subjects of your choice. Mandatory subjects include Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation, and two languages.

Here is a list of the designated items from which four are necessary. Students must have a rating of 4 (50 – 59% or more to qualify for degree programs at NMU. For Further Information Visit NMU website here

Nelson mandela university 2024 course offered

To apply for Nmu online application 2024 you must choose one of the fields, means these are subject offered at Nelson Mandela University


Below are the full details of all the undergraduate courses offered at the Nelson Mandela University, NMU.

  • Dip: Public Management
  • Dip: Inventory & Stores management
  • BCur (Nursing)
  • HCert Pharmacy Support
  • BTech: Forestry [Part-time]
  • Dip: Public Management Extended
  • BTech: Public Management
  • BCur (Nursing) Extended
  • Dip: Agricultural Management Extended
  • Dip: Agricultural Management {George}
  • Dip: Forestry
  • BPharm (Pharmacy)
  • Dip: IT(Support Services)
  • BEngTech (Civil Engineering)
  • BEngTech (Mechanical Engineering)
  • BTech: Radiography (Diagnostic)
  • Dip (Law Enforcement)
  • Dip: Game Ranch Management Extended
  • HCert: Business Studies {Port Elizabeth}
  • LLB (Law)
  • BTech: Agricultural Management {George}
  • BTech: Forestry [Full-time]
  • Dip: Agricultural Management {Port Elizabeth}
  • Dip: Nature Conservation
  • Brad (Radiology in Diagnostics)
  • BAdmin
  • BEngTech (Electrical Engineering)
  • BEng (Mechatronics)
  • Dip: IT (Software Development)
  • Dip (Sport Management)
  • HCert: Business Studies {George}
  • BTech: Quantity Surveying
  • BSc: Construction Economics (Quantity Surveying with Financial & BusinessManagement)
  • Dip: Public Relations Management
  • HCert: Veldfire Management [Full-time and Part-time]
  • BSc Extended – All programmes
  • Dip: Forestry Extended
  • Dip: Nature Conservation Extended
  • BHSc: Biokenetics
  • HCert Criminal Justice
  • Adv Dip Human Resource Management
  • BTech: Nature Conservation
  • HCert: IT (User Support Services)
  • Adv Dip: Analytical Chemistry
  • Adv Dip (Business Studies) (Management Practice) [Full-time] {PE Campus}
  • Dip Building
  • BHSc: Medical Laboratory Science
  • Dip: Human Resource Management Extended
  • BEngTech (Industrial Engineering)
  • BTech (Civil Engineering) Urban Engineering and TransportationEngineering
  • Dip: Logistics Extended
  • BSW (Social Work)
  • Dip: Analytical Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Environment Health
  • BA Psych (Psychology)
  • BEMC (Emergency Medical Care)
  • BengTech (Marine Engineering)
  • Dip IT (Communication Networks
  • Adv Dip (Business Studies) HR Management [Full-time]
  • Advance Dip (Technical and Vocational Teaching)
  • BA MCC
  • BTech IT Software Development
  • BTech IT Communication Networks
  • HCert Accountancy
  • Dip Logistics
  • Dip: Marketing Extended
  • Dip: Tourism Extended
  • BVA
  • BHMS
  • BTech Agricultural Management (PE)
  • HCert Mechatronics
  • Advance Dip in Economics
  • BTech Public Relations


Below is the full detail of all the Postgraduate diplomas, master’s, and doctorate courses offered at the Nelson Mandela University, NMU.​​

  • MA Clinical Psychology
  • MA Counselling Psychology
  • MA Industrial and Organisational Psychology coursework
  • MCom Industrial and Organisational Psychology coursework
  • MSc in Textile Science
  • DPhil in Textile Science
  • BA Hons (Psychology)
  • LLM Labour Law
  • BA Hons in Industrial and Organisational Psychology
  • BA Hons in Labour Relations and Human Resources
  • BCom Hons in Industrial and Organisational Psychology
  • BCom Hons in Labour Relations and Human Resources
  • MA (Labour Relations and Human Resources) Research
  • MCom (Industrial and Organisational Psychology) Research
  • BA Hons in Corporate Communications
  • Post Grad Dip in Labour Law Practice
  • BEd Hons for Educational Psychology
  • BEd Hons Language
  • Post Grad Dip in Business Administration
  • MBA
  • DBA
  • BA Hons in Public Administration
  • MA (Social Work) Research – Full
  • MA (Social Work) Clinical – Full
  • BCur Honours in Advanced General Nursing
  • BCur Honours in Advanced Midwifery and Neo-natal Nursing Science
  • BCur Honours in Advanced Primary Health Care
  • BCur Honours in Advanced Psychiatric Nursing Science
  • MCur in General Nursing (Coursework and Research)
  • MCur in Advanced Midwifery and Neo-natal Nursing Science (Coursework and Research)
  • MCur in Advanced Nursing Education (Coursework and Research)
  • MCur in Advanced Primary Health Care (Coursework and Research)
  • MCur in Advanced Psychiatric Nursing Science (Coursework and Research)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Studies
  • BA Honours in Development Studies
  • Master of Arts in Development Studies ( Coursework)
  • Master of Philosophy in Development Finance (Coursework)
  • PG Dip Accountancy
  • PG Dip Accounting

NB: Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance; it only means you meet the institution’s selection criteria.

Admission point scores (APS)

NMU allocates admission score percentages based on the points scored in your National Senior Certificate exams.

Typically, the institution evaluates the total scores obtained in seven subjects except for Life Orientation; though English and other mandated subjects are essential for determining your APS score.

Points below 40% and Mathematics Paper 3 do not contribute to the overall APS. An APS of 45 makes one eligible for automatic acceptance. However, an APS of 38-44 makes you suitable together with points scored in the extended studies program.

First-time applicants can apply for admission after sitting for their National Benchmark Tests (NBT‘s). Where one fails to meet NMU’s automatic admission scores, the Dean uses your NBT results to decide your bid’s status.

Also, NBT results are applicable where one fails to meet the entrance criteria in the final examination. Usually, NMU offers two NBT’s: An Academic and Qualitative Literacy test, which all applicants must take, and a Mathematics Test for applicants looking to study Commerce, Pharmacy, and Science programs at Nelson Mandela University faculties.

Nmu online application 2023 Requirements for International Students

For international students to apply for Nmu online application 2022, they need an APS score of 40 points, with APS scores of 37-39 pending the Dean’s decision in September.

However, A-Level, Advanced Subsidiary level, O-Level, Higher International Certificate of Secondary education (HIGCSE), and International General Certificate of Secondary education applicants are eligible as well.

Minimum requirements for foreigners are a certificate of Full Exemption or a Foreign Conditional Exemption from South Africa’s Matriculation Board.

How to Submit a Nelson mandela university online registration 2024?

When filling in your Nmu online application 2024, you must have the following:

  • Evidence of fee payment (required for both local and international students)
  • A copy of your national ID card/document or passport for foreign students
  • Academic results (grade 12) or grade 11 (provisional grade results)
  • A unique email address (for both online or manual submissions)

If you’ve been admitted to study at Nelson Mandela University follow the following procedure

  • Pay any relevant fees that may be due
  • Take part in the orientation programs to find out how and where to do things on campus
  • Find out when you can register for your course
  • Go through the registration process to enroll in your chosen subjects (modules)
  • Find out when lectures start

Visit official website here

How to track a nmu prospectus 2024 pdf?

To check the status of your NMU submission, follow these steps:

  • Step I: Head over to NMU’s applications processing portal
  • Step II: Select Admission/Other
  • Step III: Input your username and password then click the Login button

You must have registered as a user to access the platform’s dashboard. If you are not a registered user, retrieve your login details from the email you received after signing up as an online user.

Nmu online application 2024 application date

Nelson Mandela University’s application cycle expires on the 30th of September. But only South African applicants can apply after the deadline. After this date, applications from foreign applicants are not applicable.

nmu Application

Nmu online application 2023 Fee

Nelson Mandela University charges R100 for every application, though Master’s and Doctoral applications are free.

Submitting your Nmu online application 2024 can be a daunting task. We hope that this post has made it simple enough for you. So, follow the steps outlined above to successfully submit your application online.

If you need any assistance, remember that the institution’s website has tons of details about the application submission process

nmu postgraduate prospectus 2024 pdf download

Nelson Mandela University Prospectus 2024 is available to you in downloadable (pdf) and click below to read full module details for each degree program.

What’s inside nmu prospectus 2024 postgraduate

Nelson Mandela University prospectus 2024 pdf carries the list of courses, course information, campus facilities, accommodation, fees, and financial support or bursaries, entry requirements, and all admission application information to guide you through the Nelson Mandela University admission process.

nmu prospectus 2024 undergraduate pdf download

The Nelson Mandela University, NMU Prospectus has been uploaded to the official website www.nmu.ac.za and it is available also in PDF format below:

Download Nelson Mandela University Prospectus 2023

The Nelson Mandela University (NMU) Prospectus 2024 pdf download contains the full information a current and prospective Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Degree, Bachelors, Certificate, Distance Education, Diploma, Short Courses, and MBA programs students need to ascertain Nelson Mandela University 2023 admission process or Nmu online application 2023.

nmu prospectus pdf download has released by the management contains the course outline, admission requirements, registration dates, application dates, application closing date, diary, handbook, brochure, fees structure, programs offered, and all admission applications information.

The Nelson Mandela University Prospectus 2024 is a document sent to potential (prospective) students to attract them to apply for admissions.

It usually contains information about the institution and the available courses, including advice on how to apply and the benefits of accepting a place. Many Institutions have an individual prospectus for each course or group of courses that they offer.

Most Institution has both online and paper versions of their prospectus and they are divided into an Undergraduate Prospectus and a Postgraduate Prospectus.

The Nelson Mandela University prospectus usually contains information on the individual courses, the staff (professors), notable alumni, the campus overview, how to get in contact with the Institution, and lots

How to Download Nelson Mandela University Prospectus 2023 PDF

The Nelson Mandela University Prospectus 2024 can be downloaded and printed or accessed online below in PDF format below for free. After sucessful Nmu online application 2022 you can access the Prospectus via the NMU official website.

Note: You will, however, need a device that is capable of opening PDF files to access the prospectus. Follow the link below to download from the Nelson Mandela University website.

Click here to download (PDF) via the official website.

For more information and inquiries, please navigate to the Nelson Mandela University portal. All details are available on the institution’s official website.

See this NMU Nelson Mandela University Prospectus 2023 pdf