Feisal Salumu Kwenda Azam FC Transfer Rumors 2022/2023

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Feisal Salum Abdalla, known as Fei Toto (born 11 January 1998) is a Tanzanian football player. He plays for Young Africans. He played at the 2017 CECAFA Cup with the Zanzibar national football team,

He made his Tanzania national football team debut on 16 October 2018 in an AFCON qualifier against Cape Verde, He was selected for Tanzania’s 2019 Africa Cup of Nations squad.

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Yanga Yafunguka ishu ya Feisal kwenda Azam

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The Yanga CLUB would like to inform the public and Yanga Members regarding the information of the player Feisal Salum Abdallah that is spreading in social networks.

The Club confirms receiving a letter from the player on 23 December 2022 stating the termination of his Agreement between him and the Club.

The club has written and responded to Feisal and among the responses are as follows;

There are no statutory or legal grounds according to his contract that give the player the right to terminate his contract with the Club in accordance with the current contract agreement.

The Rules and Procedures of FIFA are clear and have explained all the procedures on this kind of matter.
That, the contract between the player and the club cannot be broken by just one side without negotiating with the other side while the league season is in progress.

That, under those circumstances, the player’s letter has a false concept and has no legal basis to break the contract between the club and the player.

And with that logic, Yanga has instructed Feisal to comply with the requirements of his contract as stated in the contract.

The club has also reminded Feisal, his current contract is valid until May 30, 2024.

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Feisal Salumu Kwenda Azam FC Transfer Rumors

With that, the Club would like to inform the public that, in appreciation of Feisal’s level and contribution to the club, they have already started negotiations between the Yanga club and Feisal’s representatives led by his mother to improve his interests and extend the duration of his current contract which ends in May 2024.

However, the Club has not received alternative responses to the proposals for these improvements from Feisal and his representatives and instead Yanga have received a letter explaining the termination of the contract from Feisal which is against the agreement of his current contract.

Feisal Salumu Awaaga Mashabiki Yanga

Yanga has said that it has already refunded the amount of TZS 112,000,000 (One Hundred and Twelve Million) that Feisal deposited in the Club Accounts.

Yanga has said that there are procedures and regulations of the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) and those of the World Football Federation (FIFA) which must be followed by any team that wants to register any player of the Young Africans SC Club (YANGA).

Yanga insists that Feisal Salum Abdallah is a legitimate Yanga player and has a contract until May 30, 2024.

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