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KCPE Results 2023

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Welcome reader of jobwikis.com, today we brought you this post with all the information about kcpe results in kenya announced today 28th March 2024.

KCPE Results 2024 | KNEC Portal | KCSE Exams Results

The school calendar in Kenya was severely altered due to COVID but the Ministry of Education seems to have a solid plan to ensure that things get back to normal by the end of this year going into 2024.

Earlier this month, we saw candidates who were set to sit for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education KCPE Exams for the year 2024 sitting for the said papers. Well now, the ministry states that the marking and tallying is all done.

The results are ready and today, the results are set to get officially announced. Admittedly, a nerve-wracking time for candidates and parents alike, and in for such pupils, here are the ways to get your results.

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kcpe results 2024 today

Four years of secondary education is marked by the grand assessment called the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). This exam usually takes place in November, just before the students break for Christmas holidays.KNEC Portal

The results are often released the following year in March. This month is usually very tense for many post-primary students. As a result, going to check their KCSE results in the corresponding institution doesn’t seem as a viable idea.

Procedure: Registration Portal | How to check kcpe results 2024

The procedure is quite simple as you will only need to familiarise yourself with the websites that offer this kind of service.

You will always get several options in terms of websites to access your results but the major and the most trusted source is:- http://www.knec.ac.ke – this is a KNEC website and as you know KNEC is the official organisation that is responsible for the exams, marking and releasing of the final results.KNEC Portal – KCSE Exams Results – KCPE Results 2021

At the website, you will see a section that has a heading- examination results. At the first drop down selection, the menu lets you choose the type of exam that you wish to check results for, take note as they also provide KCPE results too.

At the second drop down selection menu, you get to choose the year. The third part is a text box where you key in the values of your index number, always be very accurate to get your results. Then at the end, we have the submit button which you will click and let the system process your results.

How to check KCSE Results 2024 Online?

Kenya National Examinations Council allows candidates and their parents to check the KCSE exam results through online and via SMS in mobile.KNEC Portal – KCSE Exams Results – KCPE Results 2021

How to Check KCSE 2024 Results Online:

Students can print KCSE Examination Result Slip online through KNEC Portal online. Check below for details steps.

Step 1: Open Your Laptop or Mobile Web Browser.
Step 2: In Address Bar type “www.knec-portal.ac.ke
Step 3: Find “2021 Online Result Slip“.
Step 4: Click on the option.
Step 5:KCSE 2021 – RESULT SLIPS window will open.
Step 6: Enter Your “User Name” and “Password”.
Step 7: Click on the “Login” Button.
Step 8: Enter Your “KCSE 2023 Index Number”.
Step 9: Enter Your “Examination Year” as 2023.
Step 10: Click on “Find” Button.

Final step- Subject wise results of KCSE 2023 will displayed. Candidates can also download kcse results 2021 in PDF format.

KNEC Portal 2021 – KCSE Exams Results

How to check KCSE Exams Results via sms:

Once the KCSE examination results published by KNEC, the result can be view or download from KNEC Portal and KCSE Result can also access via SMS by using Safaricom, Airtel and Orange networks for couple Kenyan shilling (KES) as per charges.KCSE Exams Results

Send SMS with your <<Index Number>> to 22252
Send SMS with your <<05324101001>> to 22252
Example : 05324101001 (SEND to 22252)


You will always find it very easy to access your results online and you can never compare if you were to physically go to your school to pick the same results. Even though it is one of the best options to know your results, you will also need to visit the particular school for provisional result slip.

KNEC KCSE Results 2024 Online

To check the results for KCSE 2024 Results Online, you will go to the K.N.E.C Website: http://www.knec.ac.ke/ and enter your Index number.

    Chief Executive Officer – P.O. Box: 73598 00200, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • +254 020 3317412 / 3317413 / 3317419 / 3317427 / 3341027 3341050 / 3341071 / 3341098 / 3341113 / 2213381
  • info@knec.ac.ke
  • knec.ac.ke
  • Fax: +254-020- 2226032
  • 0720741001/0732333860

The mandate of KNEC is outlined in Section 10 of KNEC Act No. 29 of 2012 as to

  • Set and maintain examinations standards
  • Conduct public academic, technical and other national examinations within Kenya at basic and tertiary levels.KNEC Portal – KCSE Exams Results – KCPE Results 2021
  • Award certificates or diplomas to candidates in such examinations. (Such certificates or diplomas, shall not be withheld from the candidate by any person or institution)KCSE Exams Results
  • Confirm authenticity of certificates or diplomas issued by the Council upon request by the government, public institutions, learning institutions, employers and other interested parties
  • Undertake research on educational assessment.KNEC Portal – KCSE Exams Results – KCPE Results 2021
  • Advice any public institution on the development and use of any system or assessment when requested to do so, and in accordance with such terms and conditions as shall be mutually agreed between the Council and the public institutions. KNEC Portal – KCSE Exams Results – KCPE Results 2021
  • Promote the international recognition of qualifications conferred by the Council
  • Advice the Government on any policy decision that is relevant to, or has implications on the functions of the Council or the administration of examinations in Kenya
  • Do anything incidental or conducive to the performance of the preceding functions

Our Core Functions-KNEC Portal – kcpe results 2024 today

Although KNEC insists that the national examinations will go on as planned, there are calls to change the calendar due to the ongoing spread of the deadly Coronavirus across the world and now in Kenya.

Currently, all students both in public and private schools are at home after the government ordered the closure of all schools to stop the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. Will the calendar change?

If the spread of Coronavirus will continue for months, the government will have no otherwise but change the school calendar which will affect all the other years according to academic experts.

On Tuesday, March 24, 2021, the government of Kenya confirmed 9 new Coronavirus cases, bringing the total number to 25 from just 16 a day before.

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Visit your Primary School to check kcpe results

School Heads are required to collect certified copies of the results for their centers from their local Education Offices. However, and understandably due to the government bureaucracies, this might take a day, maybe more to get done.

Should you not be in a hurry to get your results, you might want to visit your exam center after a few days to get your results. That said, it is 2022 and there are faster ways for your school to procure results for you so you might as well get in touch with your school.

Worth noting is that, these avenues of procuring your results will only go live as soon as the results are officially announced so stay close to your radio and TVs and only request for results after CS Magoha is done making his speech.

Good Luck to all the candidates who sat for their exams in the midst of such turbulent global times and may the odds forever be in your favor.