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Momba District, is one of the new districts, was officially established in 2012 by the Government in accordance with section five (5) of the Local Government (District Authorities) Act, chapter 287 RE 2012 and among other laws relating to the establishment of The district includes the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Regional and District Establishment Act chapter 397 of 2012.

About Momba District-Tamisemi Jobs Vacancy at Momba District 2020

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After the division of Mbozi District with the aim of facilitating access to services for residents of Momba District, following the announcement of Government (GN) No. 73 of 2012 Momba district was announced to be officially established along with 18 other districts, the official certificate of establishment of Momba district and came into force was issued on 23/12/2012.

Momba District is made up of two councils, Momba District Council and Tunduma Town Council, which together have 4 divisions, Momba District Council with 3 divisions and one constituency and Tunduma Town District Council if and 1 division and one constituency.

Momba District Location

Momba District is located in the western part of the new Songwe Region, between latitudes 80 10 “South” and 90 15 “south of the Equator line, Longitude 320 5’East and 320 45” East of the Greenwich line of the Meridian.

The district is bordered by Rukwa Region and Zambia on the west, the east is bordered by Mbozi District, the north is bordered by Chunya District, and the south is bordered by Ileje District.

Mission and Vision

Mission-Tamisemi Jobs Vacancy at Momba District 2023

“To be an exemplary institution that facilitates social service and ensures access to sustainable economic and social development”


“To provide quality services to the community by ensuring the efficient and effective use of available resources, by building capacity, good governance and enhancing the well-being of the people of Momba and surrounding areas”