Waliochaguliwa Chuo Kikuu Iringa 2021/2022

Waliochaguliwa Chuo Kikuu Iringa 2021/2022

Waliochaguliwa Chuo Kikuu Iringa 2021/2022, Iringa University Selected Candidates, waliochaguliwa iringa university. Check selection now

University of Iringa is now a full-fledged University. The University operates as a private university under the ownership of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania.

If you are looking for undergraduate selection results for other colleges and universities you can just visit this link All university selection results in Tanzania for 2021/2022, from there you will be able to access all the selection results for all the other colleges and universities in Tanzania.

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In this page we are going to explain everything about UOI Selected applicants 2021/22 – UOI selection results as well as; UOI selection results release dates, how to check UOI selection status online, the direct link to check the UOI selections 2021/2022.

UOI selected applicants are simply the list of students/applicants/candidates selected to join for various undergraduate, diploma, certificate or Postgraduate programs at the University of Iringa (UOI) for 2021/2022 academic year.

University of Iringa UOI selection release dates

The release of the University of Iringa (UOI) selection is the most anticipated moment for undergraduate students in Tanzania, as many students/applicants/candidates need to know their selection status whether they have got an admission or have been selected to join at the University of Iringa or Their applications have been rejected?

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As a result of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak , the government were to postpone all education activities in the country , all the schools and colleges were closed for the period of about three months , this impacted to some changes on the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) Almanac for 2020/21 Admission Cycle .Consequently, the release of the first batch of students selected to join the University of Iringa will be on the 9th October 2021. Likewise, the 2021/2022 academic year is likely to start by 23th of November 2021.

How to check UOI selection 2020/2021

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Here we have good news for all UOI applicants, when the management of the University of Iringa (UOI) releases the list of selected students to joining the University of Iringa for 2020 academic year, All the candidates will be able to access their selection status by using the following ways;

How to Check UOI selection 2021 Via UOI official website.

  • The UOI selection 2021/22 academic year will be posted on the UOI website http://www.uoi.ac.tz/ , therefore all candidates/applicants applied for admission at the University of Iringa for the 2021/2022 academic will be able check their selection results by just Visiting the UOI official website http://www.uoi.ac.tz/, after visiting the UOI website home page, from there they will find latest announcements related to UOI list of selected applicants 2021/2022 (majina ya wanafunzi waliochaguliwa UOI 2021/22)
  • How to Check UOI selection 2021 Via UOI Admission portal (UOI online application system)
    When the selection process is completed, the management of the University of Iringa (UOI) will automatically update the Online application profile of every candidate to notify them if they have been selected or rejected and the reason for rejection.
  • To check UOI selection status via The University of Iringa Online Application System, a candidate will have to visit the UOI admission portal. After the visiting the UOI online application portal link, He/she will be required to login on the portal using his/her login credentials (passwords and index number usually form four index number).

Checking the UOI selection 2020/2021 – UOI list selected applicants Via direct links

For those who have been wondering online, on how they can effortlessly access the full list of students selected to join the University of Iringa (UOI) for 2021/2022 academic year. Once the selection lists are UOI; the following links will be used to access the full list (Majina ya wanafunzi waliochaguliwa UOI 2021/22).

About Iringa University

In 1995 Tumaini University, Iringa University College was founded, originating as Iringa Lutheran College and Seminary. In 1997 it began offering University Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programmes. It operated as University College for eighteen years and was distinguished as being the first private university in Tanzania.

Graduates from this University have become prominent throughout the country in Lutheran ministry, law, and business. In addition, Tumaini is well represented in the national Ministries of Education, the Arts, and others.

Tumaini graduates figure with importance throughout the Tanzanian industry. Many have continued on to post-graduate degrees in Europe, America, and other African nations and are distinguishing themselves internationally.

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On 25th October 2013, Iringa University College became the full-fledged University of Iringa (UoI). The University has six departments/faculties and offers multiple courses of study in each, certificates, diplomas, bachelors’, and post-graduate degrees. It is under the aegis of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania.

The University boasts a highly trained and experienced academic staff from Tanzania and countries across the globe. It enjoys close ties and support from the USA, Finland, Germany, and various other foreign countries.

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