Nutrition Specialist Jobs at Anza Tanzania 2024

Nutrition Specialist Jobs at Anza Tanzania 2024

Are you searching for Nutrition Specialist Jobs at Anza Tanzania 2024, Nafasi za Kazi Afisa lishe Anza Tanzania, Nutrition Jobs Vacancies at Anza Tanzania?

Nutrition Specialist Jobs at Anza Tanzania 2024

Nutrition Specialist Jobs at Anza Tanzania 2024: Anza Tanzania seeks Talented Candidates to work for their institution as Nutrition Specialist.

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Anza Tanzania is a non-profit organization that supports social enterprises in Tanzania, empowering them to provide life-improving products and services while generating employment opportunities.

Our approach involves offering a comprehensive suite of services, including personalized strategic capacity building, network connections to markets and important stakeholders, and access to affordable and flexible capital.

Anza provides support to entrepreneurs across different sectors, the majority from the agricultural sector, offering products and services across various agricultural value chains.

However, a significant challenge faced by entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector is the limited nutritional knowledge, resulting in a lack of consideration for the nutritional value of their final products throughout the entire production cycle—from cultivation and harvesting to post-harvest handling, processing, packaging, labeling, storage, and distribution.

Moreover, considering the high micronutrient deficiency among the population in developing countries, embracing nutrition knowledge among agricultural entrepreneurs will play a significant role in improving the population’s nutrition status.

The organization is an equal-opportunity employer. Hence all qualified persons are invited to join.

The organization is inviting applications from qualified candidates to fill a new vacant position.


Download Tangazo Nutrition Jobs Vacancies at Anza Tanzania pdf

How to Apply Nafasi za Kazi Afisa lishe Anza Tanzania?

Please submit a proposal covering the following aspects;

  • Narrative proposal describing the approach and methodology to conduct this work, including the analyses to be conducted, information sources, and approaches to stakeholders)
  • Capacity to conduct work.
    ● Please describe experience in conducting similar work, encompassing experience in nutrition, agriculture, entrepreneurship and Tanzania
    ● Provide details of any relevant qualifications
    ● Share a copy of a report you have produced from a previous consultancy.
  • Timeline anticipated and any relevant milestones
  • A budget summary in Tanzanian shillings broken down by personnel, travel, other direct operational costs, and indirect costs

If you meet the qualifications and are interested, kindly submit your application
proposal to by February 29, 2024.

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